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Stock Water for Landholdings, NSW

Mike ILandholder Mike I. contacted Geo9 to investigate the groundwater potential of two properties of beautiful grazing country near Bathurst NSW he had purchased some years before. Geo9first conducted a desktop assessment to compare the comparative prospectivity of his blocks, identifying target areas for further exploration on both. Geo9’s geologists Paul Ferguson and James Luders came on-site for a geological reconnaissance. Based on their inspection of rocks, and detailed appreciation of the geomorphology of the properties, and by understanding Mike’s priorities in more detail, two target areas for further study with transient electromagnetic surveying were identified on one of the properties. The results of the surveys have provided insight into the recharge mechanisms and identified three prospective targets for drilling in the future.

Groundwater Supplies for Dairy, WA

Mike IDairy farmer Tim C. and his agricultural consultant contacted Geo9 as prior drilling efforts costing in the order of $100,000 were not successful in delivering suitable supply for his dairy near Margaret River, WA. Tim commissioned Geo9 to conduct a full investigation of the groundwater potential of his property, resulting in a 10 day on-site surveying programme using both transient electromagnetic and electrokinetic technologies to understand both the subsurface structure and anticipated flowrate of any prospective area. Geo9’s research has identified the groundwater recharge pattern on the property and the reasons for the failure of prior drilling efforts to yield good quantity supplies. A number of drilling targets have been identified.

Water Supply for Rural Subdivision, NSW

Brian RobertsonTo assess whether the conditions of approval for a subdivision near Queanbeyan NSW could be met,

Brian R. commissioned Geo9 to undertake our 9 Step Groundwater Exploration programme. Council had specified a volume requirement for the groundwater supply needed to service the proposed number of blocks. Geo9’s on-site geophysical programme using transient electromagnetic surveying focused on two locations on the property, informing the selection of drilling location. The site was successfully drilled providing groundwater supplies surplus to the minimum Council requirement. A good result!

Science Better than Divining, NSW

Jim IFor many years, landholder Jim I. has relied on diviners and drillers to assist with finding groundwater on his extensive holdings near the Lachlan river. Despite investing approximately $80,000 and conducting multiple drilling attempts, results were repeatedly either highly saline or low flow bores. While a little reluctant at first, Jim embarked on a scientific explanation as to why previous drilling results were so poor and to see whether science might deliver a better result than predicted by diviners in the past. To date, Geo9 have completed the first 4 steps of our 9 Step Groundwater Exploration process. Even at this stage, it is clear to us why Jim’s drilling efforts over many years had not been successful. Particular spots have been identified as prospective and worthy of further investigation in the future.

Domestic Water for Lifestyle Block, TAS

O'MayTrudy O. had recently purchased a small rural property south of Hobart and was interested to know if drilling for groundwater would be viable on her new block. Geo9 were able to determine based on desktop research and a site visit that results would be prospective on that property, providing Trudy with confidence that drilling would have good likelihood of success.

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